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                Paper-making additives

                Conductive agent for paper

                 Product description
                Product code HYCP-501 CAS No.
                Chemical name Cationic quaternary ammonium polymer

                hysical properties

                light yellow viscous liquid
                P.H (1%water solution)
                3– 6
                Easy dissolve in cool water

                Application and characteristics
                Used in erophotography,electrophotography and zine oxide electrophotopraphy for decreasing the superficial resistance and cubic resistance of paper.

                Package and Storage:
                50Kg net in plastic drum
                Keep in room temperature
                Storage life: 12 months


                Zhejiang Tai Chuen New Material Technology Co., Ltd.(Hangzhou Yinhu Chemical Co., Ltd.)

                Zhejiang Tai Chuen New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
                Hangzhou Yinhu Chemical Co., Ltd.
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                Zhejiang Tai Chuen New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
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