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                System and certification

                Insisting on the green concept, let people enjoy better environment

                Some of the company's related products have Intertek green certificate.

                In March 2013, the company passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification

                In July 2013, I obtained the NSF certificate


                In 2015, it was rated as China's AAA quality credit unit

                In December 2015, it passed the REACH certification of the European Union

                In 2015, the company has declared 16 utility model invention patents and obtained 9 certificates, and passed the preliminary examination of 7 invention patents.


                In April 2016, the company successfully won the title of Small and Medium-sized Science and Technology Innovative Enterprise in Zhejiang Province. In the same month, the company passed two new products and new projects in Zhejiang Province, such as "Annual output of 30,000 tons of new environment-friendly water-soluble polymer project" and "Composite structure ultra-high molecular weight cationic polymer products". And the application of Zhejiang Huzhou Technology Research and Development Center has been examined and approved.
                • Certificate
                • Certificate
                • CERTIFICATE,一INet
                • Green Leaf Certification
                • Certified to NSF/ANSI 60
                • R3092001-2018 Zhejiang Tai Chuen REACH

                Zhejiang Tai Chuen New Material Technology Co., Ltd.(Hangzhou Yinhu Chemical Co., Ltd.)

                Zhejiang Tai Chuen New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
                Hangzhou Yinhu Chemical Co., Ltd.
                Contact us

                Zhejiang Tai Chuen New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
                Hangzhou Yinhu Chemical Co., Ltd.
                Sales department:
                Email: yinhuchem@yinhuchem.com
                Add: Zhongrong City Garden, No.224, Tianmushan Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China